Purchasing Instructions

1. To buy a MacDroid license, just head to the MacDroid page and click Subscribe to Pro. Input your email address then hit Continue.

2. On the next page you’ll be asked where you are located and for your zip or postal code. Input these, then click Continue. 

3. The next screen displays the price of a MacDroid license and allows you to choose your payment method - select Pay by card, or PayPal. 

4. If you’re paying by card, input your card details then click Subscribe Now.

You’ll receive an email order confirmation and license key via email which you can use to upgrade to the PRO version of MacDroid (that you can install on up to 5 Macs).

Activation Instructions 

Activating your MacDroid PRO subscription couldn’t be easier. After subscribing successfully to PRO you’ll receive a confirmation email which includes your license key. Then follow the below steps:

1.  Launch the MacDroid app.

2. Choose the appropriate menu item to insert your license key. 


3. Type or copy and paste your license key into the app. Click to activate your subscription and you’ll be subscribed to the PRO version of MacDroid.