Here’s how you may benefit from using Virtual Serial Port Driver by Elecronic Team

There is an endless variety of reasons why you may need additional virtual serial ports created in your system: GPS data replication, serial port data capture, serial port data reproduction, telecommunication and data transmission system, system debugging among them, etc. On the other hand you might need to establish a serial port connection to a computer or device that has a serial port that cannot be connected with null-modem cable directly due to remote location. In this case you may create an application that uses Virtual Serial Port Driver to communicate with remote serial port by TCP/IP stack.

You may use virtual serial ports for:

  1. Testing/debugging different applications that use null-modem cable such as:

    • any existing terminal application

    • your own application that uses serial port. For instance: you write your own program that connects to modem and sends AT commands. In this case you may emulate connection by creating virtual serial port and send/receive commands to it. Debugging on the real device is quite cumbersome, slow and what is more important – it doesn’t support multiple-threading.

    • you may want to create your own data sniffer application that works with serial port. In order to test or debug it you may create virtual serial port pair

  2. Testing/debugging different serial port device emulators such as modems, fax, GPS etc.

  3. Testing/debugging firmware or device drivers. You may even don’t have this hardware in order to develop the driver for it.

  4. Testing/debugging two applications that have different address space and have no direct way to contact each other.

  5. Testing/debugging application for interception caching/proxying (as well as translation, logging) data sent over network.

Usually you need a second computer or expansion card to be able to perform such tests, however using VSPD you may do it on a single computer using virtual port pair.