FlexiHub Product Page

Note: The demo version is available for new users only. This means you won’t be able to run a demo with your existing FlexiHub account or use it with the machines that had FlexiHub installed at any time in the past.

1. First off, you will need to sign up for a FlexiHub account.

2. To activate your FlexiHub account, click the link in the verification email that was sent to the address you’ve provided during the registration You’ll be automatically redirected to the page with the subscription plan options. 

3. Click the ‘Start a free demo’ button in the Team plan section. (For a Personal subscription demo guide, please follow this link).

Start a free demo

4. Finish your Team account setup, and start the demo.

Team account setup

5. Now you can start putting your team together (max. 5 members for a free demo). Click the ‘Add Team Member’ button to invoke a pop-up tab. Enter your teammate’s name for easier identification, then either opt to share all your sessions with them or assign them a specific amount of available connections. 

Add Team Member

6. Once you click the ‘Add Team Member’ button, this user will be instantly added to your team’s list. Copy the login token that was generated for this user, and pass it to them, so they can use it to log onto your FlexiHub account. 

Copy the login token

7. You can add new team members, remove team members, regenerate login tokens, or set connection limits at any moment. And don’t forget to add yourself as a user, if you plan to use FlexiHub too.

The demo version allows you to send invites to other team members and so grant them access to your local devices. However, you won’t be able to establish a connection until you upgrade to a paid plan.  

If you have any problems with the Free demo version, please contact us and we'll have them solved in the shortest time possible.