According to the FlexiHub Terms of Service, updated on July 22, 2020, FlexiHub users may access the Service by one of the following subscription plans: Personal Subscription Plan, Team Subscription Plan, or Business Subscription Plan. 

  1. Personal Subscription Plan is designed for individual users who want to use the Service for personal and non-commercial purposes. 

  1. Team Subscription Plan lets you create up to five team accounts and efficiently share devices within your team. As a team account owner, you can add and manage team members and generate the login tokens for your teammates. 

  1. Business Subscription Plan allows you to get a customized solution tailored to your specific business needs and goals on individual terms and conditions. 

    All subscription plans that were purchased (but not granted for free) before the latest update of the FlexiHub’s Terms of Service will remain in effect under conditions that were applicable at the moment of their purchase and can be prolonged on the same conditions.

    The free FlexiShare Subscription Plan that is currently available to FlexiHub users will be discontinued from August 19, 2020. To be able to access FlexiHub after August 19, existing FlexiShare subscribers will need to upgrade to one of the current subscription plans.

    Also, the following changes will be made to the Personal Subscription Plan: 

  • the maximum number of nodes that can be logged in to the same account at a time will be changed from ten to five; 

  • the maximum number of simultaneous connections a user can create will be changed from five to three. 

  • A user won’t be able to send/accept connection invites to/from other FlexiHub users. 

    The changes will come into effect on August 19, 2020. Users who sign up for the Personal Subscription Plan before August 19, can continue using the plan under the original conditions without the additional limitations.