Donglify 1.1

Build 1.1.12466   [Released: March 23, 2020]

  • Added: the possibility to access a Donglify account using a login token. The option to generate tokens is available in online personal accounts of Donglify users.
  • Added: email address autocomplete in the login window.
  • Added: the “Multi-connect” feature is now available for Sentinel HL 4.31, Sentinel HL 4.54, and Sentinel HL 4.34 USB dongles.
  • Improved: the software update may not be required now when adding the “Multi-connect” support for a new USB dongle.

Donglify 1.0

Build 1.0.12391   [Released: February 5, 2020]

  • Added: the “Multi-connect” feature now works with Sentinel HL 4.27 protection keys. 

Donglify 1.0

Build 1.0.12357  [Released: December 18, 2019]

  • Added: the “Multi-connect” feature is now available for Sentinel UltraPro USB dongles.
  • Added: after being shared, a USB dongle is now displayed with the “Multi-connect” icon if the device is supported by the “Multi-connect” feature. 
  • Fixed: connection to a shared USB dongle would not be reestablished on the local computer after a system reboot.
  • Fixed: when unplugging a shared USB dongle and plugging in another device, the newly attached dongle would be shared automatically.
  • Fixed: issues with the application uninstaller. 

Donglify 1.0

Build 1.0.12309 [Released: November 27, 2019]

  • Added: the possibility to send a request for adding the “Multi-connect” support for a new USB dongle. 
  • Added: the possibility to download FlexiHub if a USB device is not supported by Donglify.  
  • Improved: now a USB dongle that is shared with multiple remote computers remains available for use on the machine to which it’s connected physically.
  • Fixed: an issue with disconnecting all clients after an invite has been deleted.  
  • Fixed: program crash if closing the GUI when sharing a device.