SyncMate allows syncing with any MTP-based device (mobile phones, cameras, portable devices, etc.) via USB cable. 

Please note that we physically cannot test SyncMate with all MTP devices possible. Not all sync options could be available for a specific device, which depends not on SyncMate functionality, but on the protocol options provided by the device vendor. As all sync options offered for MTP devices are available in Expert (paid) version only, we strongly advise to check if your device can be connected to your Mac and recognized by SyncMate prior to upgrading to Expert version. Download the free SyncMate version here.

You can sync folders, iPhoto albums and iTunes playlists in two directions: from Mac to MTP device and from device to Mac. Bidirectional sync is not available. 

To establish connection with MTP-based device, follow the steps: 

  1. Click add new device option in the left panel of the main window. After that, choose the device type in the wizard: 
  2. Connect your MTP device via USB cable:  
  3. Customize Connection settings