For quick access and convenience, JustPlay comes with a handful of keyboard shortcuts, which put most of its functionality right at your fingertips.

Below is the list of all shortcuts available.

Main Menu
⌘,JustPlay → Preferences
⌘HJustPlay → Hide JustPlay
⌥⌘HJustPlay → Hide Others
⌘QJustPlay → Quit JustPlay
⌘OFile → Open…
⌘DFile → Open Blu-ray from Folder
⌃⌘RFile → Show in Finder
⌘WFile → Close
⌘ZEdit → Undo
⇧⌘ZEdit → Redo
⌘XEdit → Cut
⌘CEdit → Copy
⌘VEdit → Paste
⌥⇧⌘VEdit → Paste and Match Style
⌘AEdit → Select all
Fn FnEdit → Start Dictation…
⌃⌘SpaceEdit → Emoji & Symbols
⌘0View → Half Size
⌘1View → Normal Size
⌘2View → Double Size
⇧⌘FView → Fit window
⌘FView → Enter/Exit Fullscreen
⌥PView → Enter/Exit Picture-in-Picture
⌘TView → Float on Top
⌥⌘CView → Show/Hide Controls
SpacePlayback → Play/Pause
⌘⎋ (cmd + esc)Playback → Stop
⌥⌘→Playback → Next Video Frame
⌥⌘←Playback → Previous Video Frame
⌘]Playback → Increase Speed
⌘[Playback → Decrease Speed
⌘\Playback → Reset to Normal Speed
⌥⌘LPlayback → Loop
AAudio → Audio Track (cycle through available audio tracks)
⌘↑Audio → Volume Up
⌘↓Audio → Volume Down
⌥⌘↓Audio → Mute
⇧⌘]Audio → Increase Audio Delay
⇧⌘[Audio → Decrease Audio Delay
⇧⌘\Audio → Reset Audio Delay
⇧⌘TAudio → Visualizer
SSubtitles → Subtitles Track (cycle through available subtitle tracks)
⌘+Subtitles → Increase Size
⌘‒Subtitles → Decrease Size
⌃⌘]Subtitles → Increase Subtitle Delay
⌃⌘[Subtitles → Decrease Subtitle Delay
⌃⌘\Subtitles → Reset Subtitle Delay
⌥↑Subtitles → Move Up
⌥↓Subtitles → Move Down
⌥ \Subtitles → Reset Subtitle Position
⌘MWindow → Minimize
⇧⌘↑Window → Zoom
⌥⌘GWindow → Playback Settings
⌥⌘EWindow → Equalizer
⌥⌘TWindow → Video Tuner
⌘IWindow → Media Info

Note: During the playback you can go 5 seconds back/forward by using the ← and → buttons. For a video that is paused, the ←/→ buttons allow you to move backward/forward frame by frame. The Preferences – Control screen features several options that allow you to adjust the timeskip you can do with arrow keys.