JustPlay supports embedded subtitles and external subtitle files in all languages available.

Subtitles Encoding Autodetection

JustPlay identifies the encoding of subtitles automatically. If it’s hard to read the encoding with a reasonable degree of accuracy, you will see a message asking to select the encoding manually.

You should choose the proper item from the drop-down list of encodings and click the OK button. In case the encoding is chosen incorrectly, you won’t see the subtitles at all or there will be wrong symbols.

If you check the box Don’t ask me again, the message won’t be displayed to you anymore. In case the encoding of subtitles can’t be determined automatically, JustPlay will use the encoding selected in the Subtitles settings.

Subtitles Online Search

When you start playing a video, JustPlay will automatically start the subtitles search on OpenSubtitles.com.

You can see the list of subtitles that the player found by clicking Subtitles -> Download from OpenSubtitles.com.

Once you select subtitles from the list, they will be downloaded and immediately displayed. Any selected subtitles can be saved (Subtitles -> Subtitles track -> Save As).

You can log in to your OpenSubtitles.com account with JustPlay. For this, go to Preferences -> Subtitles -> Online Search -> Login to OpenSubtitles.com. Fill out the username and password fields and press OK.

Note: Unregistered users can download 200 times per IP within 24 hours from the site. If you have an account on OpenSubtitles.com that allows you to download more, you can log in to it, and then you will be able to download as many subtitles as your rank allows.

Note: If you have an account on OpenSubtitles.org, you need to import your account to the OpenSubtitles.com website. To do this, please visit the website and perform the "Import from OpenSubtitles.org" action there.

More information about Online search you can read here.

If the search didn’t give you any results, instead of the subtitles list available for the download, you will see Nothing found in the menu item Download from OpenSubtitles.com.


If subtitles are displayed incorrectly:

Make sure that the subtitles encoding is chosen correctly. Otherwise, you won’t see the subtitles at all or there will be wrong symbols. Check out if a suitable font is set. By default, Arial is used. This is an all-purpose font that allows displaying the majority of subtitles properly, including Chinese ones. But sometimes subtitles may be displayed incorrectly even if Arial is set. Try to set another font in Preferences and restart the playback.

If subtitles are not loaded automatically:

  1. Check the option General-> Movie folder and make sure that the video is placed in the specified folder.
  2. Make sure that the subtitles file is placed in the same directory as the video (restart the playback if you’ve just moved it).
  3. Try selecting a different encoding or changing the Autoload subtitles option in Preferences. Remember to restart the playback.

       4. Open the subtitles file (.srt, .ass, .smil, .jss, .rt, .utf, .smi, .txt, .ssa) manually in one of the following ways:

  • by selecting Subtitles → Subtitles Track → Add from File… or File → Open… in the main menu;
  • by selecting Subtitles → Add from File… from the context menu;
  • by drag and dropping the subtitles file on JustPlay’s window.

Play and manage video with subtitles

If you have subtitle SRT files in several languages, click “S” button a few times - each time the language of subtitles changes. You can edit font, size, and color of subtitles in Preferences, Subtitles menu.

  • ⌘+ - Increase Size;
  • ⌘- - Decrease Size.

In case of video and subtitles desynchronization:

  • ⌃⌘] - Increase Subtitle Delay;
  • ⌃⌘[ - Decrease Subtitle Delay;
  • ⌃⌘\ - Reset Subtitle Delay.

To change the position of subtitles:

  • ⌥↑ - Move Up;
  • ⌥↓ - Move Down;
  • ⌥ \ - Reset Subtitle Position. 
Tip: During video playback choose Window->Playback Settings. Find Subtitle Delay option and adjust it according to the requirements (control by dragging the cursor of the mouse).