USB Network Gate Product Page


  1. Download USB Network Gate for Android OS installer using this link:
  2. If you downloaded the .apk from the computer, transfer the file to Android device (if you downloaded it from Android device, skip this step)
  3. Find the downloaded usb_network_gate.apk using the file manager application on your Android device and tap Install.
  4. Tap Accept after reviewing the app’s permissions.

Once you download and install USB Network Gate, the app icon will be automatically added to the Home screen of your Android device. If one doesn’t appear, simply find it in your Apps menu.

Share USB devices

  1. Start the application.

  2. Connect a device you want to share to a USB port of your Android device.
  3. Tap Share Device’ to make it accessible over the network.

  4. To stop sharing the device, tap the ‘Unshare Device’ button.