USB Network Gate Product Page

USB Network Gate comes with a command-line utility, called eveusbc, that allows you to share and connect to USB devices without having to open the graphical interface.

eveusbc is located in the following directory:

  • /opt/ElectronicUS/eveusb/bin on Linux;
  • /Library/Frameworks/EveUSB.framework/Support/ on macOS.

How to share a local device

1. List all locally available USB ports using the “ls local” command:

As you can see in the output, here we have two USB devices attached. Let’s say we want to share the second one.

2. Run the “share” command to share the port:

where 12345 can be any unused TCP port.

How to connect to a remote device

1. Find all USB ports shared on a remote server with the “explore” command:

where instead of you should specify the IP address or network name of your server.

2. Establish a connection by running the “connect” command:

For the full list of available commands and information on their usage, use eveusbc help and eveusbc help [command]