USB Network Gate Product Page

USB Network Gate lets you initiate a callback (reverse) connection – a connection with a client from the server side:

  1. Switch to “Share local USB devices” tab.
  2. Select a USB device you want to share and click “Share” button.
  3. Invoke “Sharing options“:
    Click “Connect to remote client” radio button and set the port, which will be used in the connection.
    Additionally, you can enable traffic encryption. It is recommended for security reasons. All the data will be encrypted, although it may slow down the communication speed.
    Traffic compression” option helps speed up interaction with certain types of USB devices and reduce Internet traffic. You may find this useful for USB devices which transfer data in uncompressed format, like scanners.It is recommended not to use this option for USB devices which transfer incompressible types of data, e.g. isochronous USB devices (audio cards, web cams, etc.).
    For example, web cam video compression is enabled by default, and further compression can result in degrading video quality.
    By enabling password authorization, you can use a password to secure the connection.
    In “Device description” field you can set a custom name for the USB device.
  4. In order to create a callback (reverse) connection, it should be allowed from the client. On the client, choose “Add device” option:

Click “Allow callback connection on port” radio button.