USB Network Gate Product Page

On Ubuntu Trusty Tahr 14.04 LTS, USB Network Gate may fail to determine the user in X11 session. Due to this, adding the current user to eveusb group is not possible while installing USB Network Gate via Software Center.

Here’s the instruction on how to add the current user to eveusb group.

Via Linux Terminal:
sudo usermod -a -G eveusb $USERNAME

As the result, you can start the GUI from the current terminal.
To apply the changes to session Х11, you’ll need to log out and then log in again.

Via gnome-system-tool (GNOME)
Note: You may have to additionally install the GST.

1. Go to Application -> System Settings -> Administration -> Users & Groups.
2. Select the required $USERNAME and click Manage Groups.
3. Choose eveusb from the list and double-click it.
4. In the invoked window, check the box against the user name.
5. Click OK and close all the windows. Then log out.

Via System settings (KDE):
1. Go to System settings -> User Management.
2. Select the user and click Modify.
3. Switch to Privileges and Groups tab.
4. In Groups list find eveusb and check the box against it.
5. Click Apply and close all the windows. Then log out.