FlexiHub Product Page

FlexiHub for Windows comes with built-in Gravatar support. With connection invites introduced in version 3.0, this allows the use of Gravatar images for easy distinguishing between the devices hosted on your own computers and those you were invited to connect to by other people.

Gravatar (short for globally recognized avatar) is a free online service that allows you to have a single avatar image that follows and identifies you globally on the Web. With Gravatar you create your profile only once and can then use it with any Gravatar-enabled site or web service, with your Gravatar image being fetched and displayed automatically.

If enabled, avatars in FlexiHub are displayed alongside every computer name in your list. If you already have a Gravatar account associated with your FlexiHub email, it will display the Gravatar image you have set; otherwise, an auto-generated image will be shown instead:

The display of Gravatars can be switched on/off under ViewAvatars in the menu.

Tip: If you need any help with your Gravatar account, be sure to check out their support page.