FlexiHub Product Page

  1. Lock COM ports
    You can lock any COM port so that it cannot be accessed remotely. Locked COM ports are not displayed on the remote side. To lock a COM port, simply click Lock opposite the required port:
    To unlock the port, click Unlock respectively:
  2. Connect to COM port remotely
    To connect to a remote COM port, find it in the list of available COM ports (i.e. ports on your remote FlexiHub nodes that are not locked), and click ConnectTo disconnect from a COM port, click Disconnect respectively:
  3. Change Port Name
    You can change the serial port name on the remote side to be displayed in FlexiHub interface and the system (Device Manager, etc.). Renaming does not influence port name on the server machine.
    To change the COM port name, right-click it and choose Change serial port name from the menu.
  4. Change COM Port Description
    You can always change the COM port description which is displayed under the port name, in the list of available COM ports. The new COM port description will appear both on local and remote nodes.
    To change the COM port description, right-click it and choose Change device description from the menu.
    To save the changes, click either the Enter key or anywhere outside the text box. The Esc key cancels any changes you’ve applied.
    Note:  When you try to connect to a USB to COM adapter, it’s advised to connect it as COM port for better performance of a device.