Redistribution of "eveusbd" daemon inside your product can be achieved by including our product's SDK package - deb or rpm, depending on the distribution - into your project's installer. 

Your installer should install our package on the end-users' machines during the installation of your product. 

1. For Debian-based Linux distributions: 

sudo dpkg -i eveusb-redistr-VERSION-ARCH.deb 


How to install deb with all dependencies: 

sudo apt-get update 

sudo dpkg -i eveusb-redistr-VERSION-ARCH.deb 

sudo apt-get install -f 


2. For RPM-based Linux distributions: 

sudo rpm -i eveusb-redistr-VERSION-ARCH.rpm 


If YUM is installed in your system, execute: 

sudo yum install eveusb-redistr-VERSION-ARCH.rpm 


All dependencies will be installed automatically.