Brief User Guide

1) Upon logging into the account the customer will see a screen displaying their client ID and the list of local devices available for remote connection (if any). Below is a sample screenshot of such a screen with no operator connected:

no operator
2) Once the operator connects to customer’s machine, the operator’s name gets displayed in HelpWire Client interface automatically. The customer can also see which device the operator is currently connected to:

operator connects

Note: If a customer is being serviced by an operator, it becomes unavailable to other operators.

3) The customer can exchange comments with the operator using HelpWire live chat.

live chat

4) Upon completion, the operator clicks ‘End service‘ and customer’s machine gets logged off the account.

End service

5) The customer can disconnect the operator and log out of the account via the main menu Session > End session.

End session

Or by clicking the ‘End session’ button displayed at the bottom of the main screen:


6) Should any connection problems arise and you get the “contact support” error, please save FlexiHub logs using main menu File > Save internal logs option and send these logs to our tech support at – please also enclose a brief description of the issue along with the local date and time when it occurred:

Save internal logs

Note: If a customer quits the GUI window, they will be automatically logged out of the account. So, the customer should keep the GUI opened all the way through the troubleshooting session. If needed, the window can be minimized.
Note: It’s also possible to use HelpWire without installation on the client side. A customer can download HelpWire build, launch it, and share the device that needs to be fixed. Once the remote session is completed, the program will be automatically removed from the client’s computer.

For more information about HelpWire click here.